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Stroke Awareness & Seminars


On the 6th September 2014 I had a stroke - to be exact it was a 'left sided middle cerebral artery stroke'. I was taken to Maidstone Hospital, where I remained for 14 days and then spent a further six weeks at my mothers home. I had left side weakness and dysphasia. I had further outpatient appointments with Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy. After six weeks at my mothers the Occupational Therapist declared that I was competent and had the capacity to decide where I can live and I returned to my own flat. 


I spent eight months off sick as my communication improved. I also saw a visual specialist at Maidstone Hospital and they found that I had right side hemianopia and had to surrender my driving license to the DVLA.

I had a notice above my hospital bed which said:
'Sometimes he says yes but means no and the same if he says no he may mean yes'

My personality changed since having the stroke. I will only tell you the positive changes! I am far more empathy, generous and forgive myself when I make mistakes. I sometimes speak my mind when I shouldn't. But my outlook on life suddenly changed on the 6th September 2014 and I like to think it was for the better. My brother told me about four years after the stroke that the doctors on duty said that night 'the next 12 hours are critical'. So I'm thankful for still being here!

I can give talks on 'surviving a stroke' to a variety of people including students or qualified nurses, occupational therapists etc. 
If you want me to talk at your event please email
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