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Positive Commitment Conference
11th April 2024, Belfast Northern Ireland

This event is for qualified RNLDs and RNIDs to attend and was developed as a partner event to Positive Choices which is specifically for LD and ID Nurse students. This year the qualified professionals conference will be held in Belfast and we will be hearing presentations from across the UK but especially looking forward to hearing from colleagues in Northern Ireland. Speakers and titl include:

Opening Address:  Professor Michael Brown, LD, Director of Graduate Studies, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Queen’s University Belfast.

Laurence Taggart, Professor of Intellectual Disability Research, Ulster University - Diabetes education for adults with intellectual disabilities: In this talk the practice of excluding people with disabilities from research and education will be challenged and solutions offered. Involving Nurses as research collaborators is core in providing a more inclusive research culture.   

Debra Moore MBE FRSA, Director, Debra Moore Associates - Time for a bold, reimagined future: Since the inception of the NHS we have seen significant quality failings within inpatient services for people with intellectual disability and autistic people. In this session we will consider this situation through the lens of service redesign, specifically how do we ‘design in’ the conditions for people and staff to flourish and ‘design out’ the risk factors. Within this a focus on the role of nurses and how we harness their invaluable contribution in a bold, reimagined future.

Laughing Boy
25th April - 25 May 2024, various locations, UK

Connor is, well, Connor. He loves buses, Eddie Stobart, and Lego. He also has learning disabilities. When he dies an entirely preventable death in NHS care, his mum Sara can’t get a straight answer as to how it happened. But Sara and her family won’t stop asking questions and soon an extraordinary campaign emerges. Demanding the truth, it uncovers a scandal of neglect and indifference that goes beyond Connor’s death to thousands of others.

Both personal and political, Sara Ryan’s impassioned, frank, and surprisingly funny story bursts onto the stage for the first time. Writer and Director Stephen Unwin 

Inclusion Europe Annual Conference
Europe in action
7th - 9th May 2024, Glasgow, Scotland

The conference is where our movement comes together regularly.

  • To meet and exchange on what is happening in our organisations and countries.

  • To learn from one another about how to promote inclusion successfully.

  • To discuss and plan next steps in our fight for full rights and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and families.

3 streams run through the conference programme:

  • Developing self-advocacy and activism, especially in Eastern European countries.

  • Changing disability support services to be advocacy-led, and aligned with disability rights.

  • Celebrating good work being done for inclusion across Europe, including learning from others (women’s’ rights, anti-racism etc.).

Shifting the narrative:
Improving lives through practice leadership in PBS
16th - 17th May 2024, Liverpool, UK

The annual conference held by BILD. PBS is often viewed as a crisis intervention rather than a preventative framework. Bild believes that PBS is most effective when it focuses on getting support right for the individual, preventing distress and avoiding someone reaching crisis point.  

This hybrid event will feature keynotes from international speakers including experts by experience, PBS practitioners, professionals and academics, exploring shifting this narrative from crisis to prevention. There will also be a range of practical workshops available to delegates, focussed on supporting learning and developing practice, and ample opportunities to network and discuss current issues.  

Over two days, the programme will explore: 

  • The vital role of Practice Leaders in setting and modelling service culture. 

  • The importance of good quality tier one support including: 

    • Good communication 

    • Active support 

    • Challenging health inequalities 

    • Psychological wellbeing 

  • The importance of developing capable environments to prevent distress and restrictive practices. 

  • The role of language: how we talk and refer to people can have significant influence our interactions, empowering or distressing, promote relationships or distancing them.  

  • Ensuring PBS isn’t ‘measuring the misery’ but focussed on getting support right for people. 

IASSIDD 17th World Congress 2024

5th - 8th August 2023 Chicago, USA

  • The congress website is

  • The congress theme is ‘Reimagining Connections‘.

  • It is anticipated attendance will be approximately 1200 to 1500 attendees from member countries across the world.

  • The IASSIDD congress is the leading international research and practice meeting in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

  • IASSIDD 2024 will be hosted at the Grand Sheraton Riverwalk Chicago.

  • For all queries, please email

EAMHID 2025 - Unleashing talent, embracing diversity
18th - 20th September 2025 - Ghent, Belgium 

The 15th EAMHID congress is a joint organization of Konekt and Arfie. Our goal is to make it an inclusive congress. People with disabilities will take on visible and meaningful roles in all aspects of the congress, as well in the preparation as the event as a whole.

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