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Peter Cronin
My point of view

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Welcome to my webpage. This is more story and I'm a member of Lewisham Speaking Up Group where I am the representative for employment. I also at Hither Green Co-Op. I train staff with Eddie and Steve. Sandra is my girlfriend.

I believe in:

  • Equality for all

  • Everyone has a voice and should be heard

  • Treat everyone with respect

  • Do not judge people because of the colour of their skin, their sexuality, age or gender

  • Everyone has skills regardless if they have a learning disability or are the Prime Minister

My trip to Finland

In September 2023 I had the privilege of going to a congress in Helsinki, Finland. I travelled there with my friends Eddie and Steve. We also met Heidi, Anca, Karina, Maggie and Ruwani. I gave a key note speech with Eddie and it went down so well. We also did a symposium with Steve, Maggie, Ruwani and Karina. Here are some photos.

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