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Lloyd Page - My View

Hello and welcome to my page. My name is Lloyd and I'm 64 years old. I have a learning disability. I'm an advocate for Lewisham Speaking Up and I also a member of Peter and Friends. I believe in equality, diversity and that everyone has a right to have a voice and to be heard.

On this page you will find my blogs, my work with Jim Blair, Steve Hardy and what I'm interested in. I have been a presenter at the Nursing Times Awards, written books for 'Peter & Friends', written for Books Beyond Words and I used to work for Mencap for 31 years but I have retired.

Happy reading!


My trip to the Natural History Museum


Steve and myself met at London Bridge Train Station and we had lunch at Costa, where I had a hog meat sandwich. We then walked to the tube station, then to Westminster and then arrived at South Kensington. We then approached the Natural History Museum where we were expecting to see the biggest dinosaur, called Dippy! But he was on a world tour and we were disappointed. We wanted to see the big blue whale as well but the room was closed. We then went to the Dinosaurs exhibition and we were greeted by T-Rex and he was scary, so noisy and such a surprise. Then we saw the Raptures and they looked quite friedly until you see Jurassic Park. Then next was the Science Museum where we had a drink and we wrote a letter and nomination for a friend and we hope he receives the award.

My trip to The British Museum


Steve and I visited the British Museum where we travelled up to Goodge Street where we has a long

walk and we stopped off for lunch and then we approached the beautiful mouse. On arrival we visited the gift shop we I purchased a guide and we walked our socks off to look for Caesar. He was 56 when he died. Next up was the Chinese. Such wonderful vases, beautiful colours and rather a large army but small in stature! Then we found the mighty Roman Empire. We saw Augustus, Tiberius, Claudius and Nero. But we searched and searched for Julius Caesar. We walked all over the Roman exhibition and then on our third time we found Cesar!


Julius Cesar was born in July 100 BC and assassinated on March 15th 44BC. We were so tired after walking what seemed like five miles! We recommend The British Museum to everyone.

My trip to the Imperial War Museum

IMG_2796 (1).jpg

I met Steve Hardy at the Elephant & Castle Tube Station and then we had lunch with Eddie Chaplin at London South Bank University. A short walk away was the Imperial War Museum. We were really impressed by the very large canon at the entrance. Firstly we went to the Holocaust Exhibition. It was very distressing, sad and its absolutely horrible what some people can do to other human beings. We looked for Akiton T4 but were disappointed that it only got a small mention. I purchased a book of the Holocaust. We also saw some many aeroplanes, but the spitfire was especially awesome. Then we saw a replica of a typical home during World War II. It was a great afternoon which was truly educational.

Nursing Times Awards


I was invited to the Nursing Times Awards at Grosvenor Hotel on the 25th October. I was asked to present the Learning Disability Nurse of the Year. On my table was my friend Jim Blair and Greta Westwood from Foundation for Nursing Studies. We had a lovely dinner. Then the awards started with Steve Ford as the compare. There were seven nurses up for the award and they all did really well for being shortlisted. But there can only be one winner and that was 'The Queen's Nursing Institute Scotland'. Well done Scotland. Then I saw Steve Hardy, Jill Davies and the Oxleas gang on another table.

I found it an enjoyable evening but it was rather late to finish and the Uber Taxi took ages! I got home at midnight!

My visit to the Tower of London

During October of this year I visited the Tower of London with Steve. We walked from London Bridge and walked past HMS Belfast. That's going to be our next place to visit. When we arrived we went for lunch and then the Crown Jewels. Going to see the Crown Jewels was an amazing experience. These jewels have been worn by some of the most famous people from British history from Henry VIII to Charles III. Then we went to the White Tower. A message of warning be fit or take lots of breaks! We saw the statues of horses used by royalty, all of the weaponry used in wars and all of the famous people who were imprisoned in the Tower like so many of Henry VIII wives. We then went out to the green where all of the beheadings were done. It was a great place to visit which was full of history goin gback over 1,000 years.


My visit to Allington Castle

During September I visited Allington Castle. I had a lovely day, met loads of nice people and saw a castle which was set in history. We started off by getting the boat from the River Medway in Maidstone. A beautiful boat ride along the scenic river. When we arrived we were greeted by two very knowledgeable escorts who informed us of all the historic things that had happened where we were standing for over 1,000 years. We also met the proprietor of Allington Castle who purchased a derelict building in 1996 with the aim of bringing the castle to its magnificent presence. We then saw the chapel that had tapestries of Sir Thomas Wyatt who owned the castle during Henry VIII's era. Then we were taken to the beautiful  gardens, which were so impressive. We also saw a buzzard and many other birds. It was a brilliant day out!

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