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'Peter and friends' is a series of publications. It is a unique and inclusive approach to publishing. It is an opportunity for people with learning disabilities and autistic individuals, their families, carers, those from charities, private sector, NHS and Social Services. Everybody regardless of their status - a place to be heard on the same platform.
A place for all to share their experiences and stories. A place to become a published author.

Our principles

Peter and friends will always be a true coproduction between people with learning disabilities and their allies
•Everybody has a right to their own opinions, to speak up and be heard and action taken if needed
•Members of the board will receive the same payments for their work (if needed)
•Member of the board has same voting powers as each other
•Peter and friends are recognized authors across the globe and must be treated with respect and not to be ignored

Peter and Friends Volume 1

'Talking about covid-19 for people with learning disabilities and/or autism'


Peter and Friends Volume 2


'Talk about mental health in people with learning

disabilities and/or autism'

Peter and friend MH cover.jpg

Peter and Friends Volume 3

Coming in late 2023!

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