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An interview with Pete regarding his experience of the Mental Capacity Act.

Matthew and I present case studies of capacity to consent at a

A resource about the best interests of individuals who lack the capacity to give consent to a particular decision - written by Dr. Theresa Joyce. I was on the steering group.

A power point  presentation about how good and bad examples of the meeting the Human Rights of people with learning disabilities. Also a campaign about how we contributed to the change towards the health needs of people with learning disabilities.

A book which was co-edited by Dr Jean O'Hara. I contributed one chapter to this book called 'What makes a good doctor?'

An article by Professor Eddie Chaplin and I about the use of simulation in training the MDT for an inpatient unit for people with learning disabilities. 

A joint collaboration between the Estia Centre and Turning Point. Published in 2006 but still quite relevant today.

A publication for the RCN by Eddie Chaplin, Peter Woodward and myself. 

1st edition of this book but you can now purchase the 2nd edition from    

A one day presentation about the Mental Capacity Act and people with learning disabilities. I did this whilst at The Estia Centre

A book that was edited by Prof. Eddie Chaplin, Jayne Henry and me. It's the 1st edition and is out of print. We are planning to publish the 2nd edition at the end of 2021.

Years before 'coproduction' was the in the en vogue term I have supported many people with learning disabilities to became authors, speakers and were always at the the heart of everything I do. Here are some articles I have been involved with.

'My mental health' an article by 'The Tuesday Group'

'Helping to keep safe' an article by Peter Cronin and Liam Peyton.

'Oxleas - Can You Understand It Team?' an article by all members of the team.

'Who is challenging who?' a chapter by Peter Cronin - really interesting when you look at it from the perspective of people with learning disabilities - coproduction!

An article in Primary Care about understanding 'autism' by Dr. Geraldine Holt and myself.

'Understanding self injurious behaviour' - my first article which was published in 1995, so keep the year in mind when you read it!

Three articles that I cowrote for AMHID. 1, Improving services through partnership 2, A model of mental health services for people with learning disabilities 3, Barriers to user involvement for people with learning disabilities.

A joint collaboration with the RCN - 'Meeting the health needs of people with learning disabilities' which is now on its 3rd edition.

Our latest publication! Peter and friends talk about covid-19. It's a must read!

Now on its 2nd edition a joint collaboration with the RCN and the 'Can you understand it?" team!

presentation by Emerald Insight and I - a guide to getting published in journals!

An easier to read leaflet about the important facts to know about taking medicines

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