"Peter and friends talk about      covid-19: for people with intellectual or learning disabilities and/or autism"


We had an amazing launch of this book. As Jim Blair said it's not only 'coproduction', a more appropriate term would be 'fusion'. Great talks, interviews, role play and an amazing song, which I will blog about when I get sometime. You can download the revised book, with stories from 12 countries across 5 continents -  Australia, Austria, Canada, England, Ghana, Ireland,Malaysia,Netherlands, Scotland, Spain, South Africa and Wales! from here. You can print it out but there are loads of colourful photos and its 429 pages - so be warned!This version 3 the book and went live at 17:00hrs GMT on the 18/12/20.If you have downloaded a version before the 18/12/20 please update with this version. It cannot now be changed as it is going to the printer. Sincere apologies for all the technical problems.

We would like to sincerely apologise to Janice whose story appears in Wales  under expert by experience. She did not 'have a go at' or 'row with' her GP surgery. She is the most polite and positive person that I have ever met. So please accept this apology.

I never give up! I asked my co-editor Matt, if he or his mother would sing a positive song at the launch. I got no reply, which is not unusual for Matt not responding - I'm not blaming Matt because if you know me I have a habit of over communicating, it's been raised in every supervision since I had the stroke in 2014. So I choose a different approach, I asked Matt if Cardiff University Vox, of which he is an active and important member would be interested in contributing to a positive song to the event and here is the proof! 

The video from our book launch can now be viewed! Its over 3 hours long and it's made up of interviews, a role play and a song. What else do you need!