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Locked up with COVID-19 - Part One

By Sunny Sokhal, self-advocate

I am writing this story about me having coronavirus from the 8th of January. My symptoms got worse by each day of January. I didn’t feel right, I was getting hot and also feeling very cold and sweaty. My temperature was sky high, it was 39.9 I thought to myself I’ve got COVID-19 so I went to the COVID-19 Centre to get my test done so on the 11th of January my results came that I had tested positive. I was very worried and confused and my temperature was high until the 5th of February. It has been a nightmare for me, can’t get out my room. It was like being in Belmarsh prison, looking at four walls, can’t go out, can’t go to work, not mixing with people and also having the symptoms is worse than a bloody flu. It is horrible and it makes you depressed.

I felt sick, tired, headache, loss of smell and taste , no appetite, coughing, sneezing, sweating, having diarrhoea and I even became wobbly on my feet. I had different symptoms each day as I was suffering it got worse by the day but I’m so lucky I did not have a chesty cough or trouble breathing otherwise I’ll be a hospital bed with tube down my throat or even worse and going on a ventilator.

Where I live there are six people in the house, five people tested negative and I was only the one who was tested positive which was bad but i’m so glad that all five did not test positive otherwise it would’ve been a big problem. It can make you mad as well and people are suffering at the moment during this pandemic and lockdown. People can’t go shopping and buy food. I kept reading that medical reasons like having diabetes or other health issues may make it worse.

I really feel for the nurses and the doctors have got to care for people with coronavirus and it’s some doctors have to work 16 hour shifts, maybe know some of them, get overwhelmed and stressed out. Some of them may have depression and also a lot of people have died. 114,001 people have died, even people some people have recovered and also people going abroad but when they come back they had to self isolate otherwise they will get a big fine.

It's even worse that some people don’t wear masks and don’t live by the rules. If you don’t wear masks on public transport you could get a £6400 fine. COVID-19 lockdown started on the 11 March 2020, it came from China and unfortunately there have been a lot of deaths around the world. It has spread fast, you can’t see it you, can’t hear it but I can feel it. There has been a lot of conspiracy about this coronavirus and people talking about the coronavirus come from 5G, also on the new £20 note. Another conspiracy - the government want get rid of people especially the elderly and people with disabilities. People who have health problems I really feel for them a lot. I really feel for the NHS as well and the health services a lot of pressure on them. Nurses and doctors can help people with coronavirus and even Ethnic minorities are at a higher risk of dying from COVID-19. Now there is a new strain has come to the UK it has hit these postcodes. : East of England (EN10) , London (W7, N17, CR4), North West (PR9) , South East (ME15, GU21) , West Midlands (WS2). Even the Bexley Borough has hit hard with coronavirus it’s very high here.

Unfortunately what has COVID-19 done to me. It has affected me mentally, emotionally and has destroyed me as well you feel isolated that you can’t do nothing about it when it is your body. It’s like carbon dioxide poisoning and you can’t see it you can’t hear it and also it is deadly virus. It makes you very weary of all and there is a lot of this research into covid. i

Coronavirus: Woman identified as first female in UK to die from Covid-19 after catching it in hospital after a British man in his 70s became the first UK citizen to die from the virus.

A new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) causing respiratory symptoms was first identified in December 2019 in China. The World Health Organisation declared the outbreak of COVID-19 a pandemic on the 11 March 2020, this means COVID-19 has spread worldwide.

In early 2020 Covid-19 came to England. This virus came here to destroy peoples lives and it has done a lot of damage to peoples mental health and a lot of people have suffered during the pandemic. But also a lot of people have done good things like raising money for charity. When this started we had big problems, a lot of people are going to shops and bulk buying, being selfish and they don’t care about the vulnerable people. I saw pictures on the news about a supermarket where people were looking for bread, wiping food off the shelves, taking loads of toilet roll, sanitisers and even nappies - it was a joke! I saw videos on Facebook as well people are filling up their trolleys with large amounts of food. Some of them say 'it’s a pandemic' and I say to them 'what’s wrong with you', 'people are selfish, being greedy and not realise elderly and the vulnerable can’t get their food from the supermarket. I think some people don't consider other peoples feelings, they were heartless back in 2020. But people don’t still don’t understand. I saw another video on YouTube in Iceland supermarket and a man was fighting over toilet roll and he had to get kicked out for this bulk buying. This is happening around the world as well, people were fighting over stupid things and it hurt me badly.

Even all the shops, restaurants and pubs have lost a lot of money. Some pubs weren’t even not allowed to donate food to the food banks, what a waste of money. Homeless people could have been given the food and can’t get nothing to eat. Millions of pounds have lost having to shut during the pandemic and is still going on. Unfortunately this has been out of control, the government should’ve closed everything as soon as possible. They were not using their brain, they should’ve shut every single shop before the coronavirus came to England what a mess.

One man last year he decided to raise money, he wanted to raise £1000. But he raised £33 million and he was given the title Sir Tom Moore - he done 100 laps of his garden and a lot of people were inspired by him. But unfortunately Sir Tom Moore died on the 2nd of February 2021 of coronavirus. He has done his duties for the UK and everyone now has to kneel before him and put a statue for him.

Hope some of them in the supermarket when other people looking at them they said 'you’ve got coronavirus' and people were chucking eggs at their cars of health workers. That’s disgusting and what a disgrace. Individuals that were only trying to help coronavirus patients and they get abuse. I didn’t like it, it made me angry and frustrated what these idiots are doing. People have lost their jobs and even some businesses have to close. Unfortunately even leisure centres and gyms had to close and shops up north as well had to be shut. Some people have lost their mentality, concentration and lost the focus on life and the pandemic has led to people committing suicide.

There have been protests in London but what is the point doing that when there is a risk of spreading the coronavirus everywhere with all this problem and every single one of them might have coronavirus. Some of them might not have it but by doing protests they are killing people. Celebrities got fined like Rita Ora having a party at Notting Hill for her birthday and she didn’t get away with it, she should know better. Like some people having parties on a boat. Seventy people got caught and some of them got £10,000 fine to the organiser.

Even children's mental health has suffered. Some children really don’t understand what’s going on with all the schools having to shut. Domestic violence has soared which is very concerning for people. This disease is like a parasite that you can’t see. Lots of people have died around the world. USA have lost a lot of people. In India they got slums, pollution is bad and the smell but unfortunately they have died because of this virus. It's a shame the doctors out there don’t know what to do, they are overwhelmed patients in India. Patients left in the room where they died. Families are crying and are angry.

The virus mutates

77,081,158 That’s the people recovered

2,292,729 These are the deaths, it’s shocking


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