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Lloyd’s review of ‘I Love You Natty’

I have the absolute pleasure of reviewing ‘I Love Natty’ a book by my friends Mia and Hayley Goleniowska from Downs Side Up. This is a lovely and colourful book where the love it was written with shines through. It is Mia and Hayley’s story of Natty, their beautiful sister and daughter. It is clear from the very beginning that Natty is an awesome character who is loved, is full of fun, is strong and draws everyone in.

Natty was born with Down syndrome but it has not stopped her from overcoming every challenge and being a positive light in everyones life. Mia and Hayley talk about some challenges that Natty overcome. Like a long time working with a speech and language therapist who gave her many exercises to do and do you know the outcome is? Natty speaks and sings perfectly!

Natty has learnt so many skills and fully enjoys going to school to learn. She often cooks, gardens and has so much fun with Mia. They both go swimming together and really enjoy weekly horse riding. There is a touching letter and a beautiful poem dedicated to Natty. Their love for their sister and daughter shines through every page of this wonderful book. The book is full of lovely and funny photographs and artwork by members of the family. I am so proud to be a friend of Natty, Mia and Hayley. I totally recommend that you buy a copy of this book - it will make you laugh, cry but also what an absolutely inspiring young lady that Natty is!

You can purchase it at Amazon and every reputable book shop.

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Hayley at Downs Side Up
Hayley at Downs Side Up
Oct 10, 2021

Thank you so much Lloyd for writing a review. And what a glowing review it is! I love the photo you sent of you reading our book. I will send two more in the post next week. Hayley

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