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Lloyd and Steve unbiased review of the launch of ‘Peter and friends talk about mental health!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

By Lloyd Page Steve Hardy, Team Members of 'Peter & Friends'

This even was supported by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, London South Bank University and the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities. We always thank you for your ongoing support!

Organised Chaos!

All of us at 'Peter and Friends' have organised events for the last three decades. Our biggest achievement was holding a three day international congress for over 600 delegates. But at this one we forgot the mantra! The books for the 'book launch' didn't arrive. Steve had to go to Abbey Wood early with a large suitcase and fill it up with books. But everyone (not just Steve) thought we can take the case to the Elephant & Castle via public transport. We were wrong but eventually arrived. Taxi is the word du jour! Then our skills from the days of the 'day centre' came in hand as we packed the goodie bags on the most efficient factory line ever!

The first half

Then the event began. First of all the from the mantra is that 25% of delegate's won't up as it was free. So we made 40 goodie bags and then 50 plus delegates turned up! The event was opened by Peter and Eddie, who introduced the book 'Peter and friends talk about mental heath'. The comedy duo were in great form.

Bromley ResearchNet from Oxleas were first up with a wonderful presentation. We heard of the great work they do and how being part of ResearchNet is good for their mental health. Then Peter interview Joel, a psychologist from Greenwich Community Learning Disability Team. Joel described the psychologists approach to therapy, how you engage others and how you communicate with people who have limited speech. Last but not least was Vince and Sarah from Dudley Voice for Choices. Vince described how as being a member of an advocacy group has benefited his mental health. He told us about some challenges he has overcome.

The second half

After some tea and cake we then hold a raffle for copies of our books. David from ResearchNet won! Lloyd then interviewed Anne, who is a lovely woman, Andrews mum and an unbelievable human being! She described her son and we saw Andrew on a video. She explained her son's care package and told everyone 'never give up'. Next on was Lynette and Jessica, Nurse Consultant's. They told us about their work, why it's great to be a Learning Disability Nurse and who is their favourite football player in the England squad. Lynette's was Mason Mount but Jessica didn't know any of their names!

Then to finish off the afternoon the absolutely fabulous 'DanceSyndrome' had prepared an excellent video just for us. It was amazing and you will be able to see the video shortly.

A big thank you from Peter and Friends goes out to all of those who contributed to the event, Neil for organising the technology and for all our delegates - both in person and online!

Please watch out for volume 3 late next year!

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