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Celebrating Learning Disability Awareness Week

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

By Sunny Sokhal

Today is the first day of ‘Learning disability awareness week’. During this week we are celebrating people with learning disabilities and autism because they have a voice. Who have we achieved? A lot of things for the last decade!

If someone has a learning disability or autism treat them nicely and respect them. Don’t push them away and saying they are different to other people and don’t call him names like retard, mong of spastic. These are not kind words, it can break them easily and they even hurt their family as well. It’s not very nice as is it could lead to them becoming very invisible.

Give people a chance in life. If you had children with learning disabilities or autism and someone called them names how would you feel? What would you do? People should think about what they are saying and realise that calling names can impact their mental health. Whether it’s a little thing or big thing is not very nice because they are humans beings. Show that they are respected and have dignity. Don’t laugh at them and don’t point fingers.

I had a bad experience like this when I was achild from school. So I was like this is a big problem. I think that the parents are blind to bringing up their children to call people names. In America they are using words like retard. So let’s all make a change in life to treat people with a disability better not horrible. If you change things and it would be a better world. I say things from my heart, not from my brain.

My brain works differently than other people. I get words that come out and which I’m passionate about. I’m sure people know where I’m coming from. But anyone with a learning disability or autism are unique, clever and inspire other people. I like the Bexley ‘adult learning disability team’, they help people. We don’t know what to do if they did not exist, will be stuck. Also Advocacy for All - we wouldn’t know what to do without them. You know at least we have people to help us when we have these issues.

Celebrate people with learning disabilities on a high note and hopefully we can conquer something and stop learning disability bullying o autism as well. Hopefully next year everything will be okay and we can invite the Royal

Family to come along to Bexleyheath Sports Club!

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