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Positive Choices!

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On behalf of POSITIVE CHOICES, we would like to appeal to you for support regarding supporting our students with their journeys across the three years in which they undergo learning disability nursing training. We are planning to run 'Lunch and Learn' webinars with students via ZOOM, based on the issues which the students choose. But don't worry the Annual Positive Choices Congress will still be running!

Trending on Twitter and Facebook under #LDBIGIDEAS, these events will be based on the fundamental tenets of Strengthening the Commitment viz PHYSICAL HEALTH, RESEARCH, PERSONALISATION, COMMUNICATION AND WRITING FOR PUBLICATION. This is in response to the interactions students have had via social media where a gap has then been identified for this webinar. As you will know, Positive Choices did not take place last year so this can be viewed as the prelude to this year's conference as well as sustaining the commitment.The webinar will last up to two hours. 


At the end of the webinars, we will hold a vote to choose the topics for the subsequent one. As part of this programme, we would like to invite you to volunteer to present at the next conference if the chosen subject is of interest to you. Anyone who is a presenter will be sent a unique login link to allow them to be a panelist on the day. So at the end of each conference, an email will be sent to you appealing for volunteers. Students will also be expected to have input in the conference as well as this is part of their professional development.dents and encourage them to sign up.

The next event will advertised on Positive Choices FaceBook page and on this page on this site. Previous events appear below.


You can watch all of the webinars here:

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