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Tuesday 17th Nov - I'm presenting at the Estia Centre Academic Meeting

This coming Tuesday I will be presenting the making of 'Peter and friends experience of covid-19: for people with intellectual or learning disabilities and/or autism'. I will be covering the reasons why Peter decided to produce the book, it's aims, how we got so many submissions and what lessons have we learnt from this pandemic.

Peter was to present with me but due to the lockdown and him not having zoom, regrettably cannot have him join us. But he has gave me a couple of slides to present on his behalf and wishes you are all keeping safe and staying positive.

I helped set up the Estia Centre in 1999. It is part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, the Institute of Psychiatry and Kings Health Partners. It provides a wide of training opportunities and research. Check out their range of activities here:


If you want to attend please email Angela.degen@slam.nhs.uk

Follow them on Twitter @estia_centre

I'm really looking forward to seeing my old colleagues next Tuesday!

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