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Help! Be a part of ‘Peter & Friends vol 3’

Peter and friends vol 3 is coming! We are funding raising for volume three and we are offering:

1. To put the names of donee’s at the front of the book

2. For organisations that donate £100 plus we will put your logo at the front as well.

3. Also if we raise £6000 plus you will receive a free copy of the book #LearningDisabilities

4. You will get a massive mention if you are the first person to choose the topic of volume three! Please leave your suggestions in the comments or email stevose3@gmail.com

The first highly successful volume was about Covid and the experience of people with learning disabilities and was published in our own time without funding. The second volume is currently in production, it’s about mental health and is being funded by Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

Volume three is in its early stages but we will make the experience of people with learning disabilities at the heart of the book. We need funding to pay people with learning disabilities for what they have written, organise a conference and hopefully print some hard copies of the final product.

10% of funds raised will go to people with learning disabilities who are at Atlas House, Abbey Wood, London.

To give you an extra reason I will be walking from Lands End to John O’Groats on my brand new treadmill in 365 days. I will keep evidence of this.

So please support people with learning disabilities and share their stories across the world.

If you want to help fundraiser

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