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#BlackHistoryMonth last quiz to support ‘Peter & friends experience of COVID-19

Last quiz to promote our new book:

’Peter and friends experience of COVI-19: for people with intellectual or learning disabilities and/or autism’

#BlackHistoryMonth is the the theme of this last quiz. You have until 12pm on this Friday’s lunchtime. We will then announce the winner live from celebrations as we have a Nigerian and Somalian party! The winner will receive some books about people with learning disabilities and one about #BlackHistoryMonth 😄


The questions are:

1. What’s the full name of the first Black British person who appeared on the Undateable’s?

2. Who was the first black footballer to captain England?

3. What year was the first slaves brought to North America?

Leave your answers on here or as a comment on my Twitter @SteveHardyLDN #BlackHistoryMonth post(s).

Best of luck everyone!

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