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Autism Champions Newsletter #5

News about autism from around the world for the last week

Actually Autistic 

For customers on the autism spectrum, the Delta travel experience is welcoming

Autistic person from Salisbury stars in leading charity's national campaign

Julia Fox tells TikTok she has autism after fans point out her display of random knowledge

A brief but spectacular take on the adaptations to challenges when living with autism

Amy Schumer’s ‘SNL’ Opening Monologue Touches on Midterm Elections, Husband’s Autism Spectrum Disorder

Zoey displays performing skills for Autism’s Got Talent


Likelihood of autism diagnosis linked to socioeconomic status and ethnicity


How can colleges better serve students with autism?


Learning Disability and Autism Big Health Week 2022, 7th-11th Nov 2022

Logan Airport Program Helps Kids on Autism Spectrum

Health and social care 

Lincoln care home rated inadequate after whistleblowers raised concerns

The Oliver McGowan mandatory training on learning disability and autism launched

‘Barbaric': Hundreds with learning disabilities & autism kept locked up for years

Physical, Sensory Experiences Differ Among Pregnant People With Autism

Women with autism more likely to have depression, anxiety in pregnancy

Autism and learning disability training mandatory for NHS staff after Oliver McGowan's death

Law and order

NYPD Officer Found Guilty of Killing Son, 8, with Autism After Making Him Sleep in Freezing Garage

A discussion about label’s


Meltdown vs Tantrum in Autism: What’s the Difference?

X Factor star Sam Bailey raises awareness of autism by sharing photo of her son's 'meltdown'


What Is the "Spoons Theory" of Autism?

A mix of common and rare variants shapes autism inheritance patterns

Pet Ownership Brings ‘Huge Benefits’ To Adults With Autism, Study Finds

Autism Brain Changes Are More Comprehensive Than We Thought

Researchers offer new insights into the neurobiological basis of autism spectrum disorders

Early-Onset Psychosis and Autism Spectrum Disorder: Similar Rates of Deleterious Copy Number Variants, Yet Diverse Phenotypic Manifestations

How Do You Measure Success in Autism Clinical Trials?


Runner with nonverbal autism speaks volumes with passion to run



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