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Autism Champions Newsletter #3 October 1st 2022

Hi everyone,

I've started an autism newsletter where I work. I will also send a copy via this website. They will be published weekly or fortnightly depending on the amount of news. If you see news, events, articles etc that you want to share here please email me at Steven.hardy@nhs.net

Abuse and scandals 

Our statement on BBC Panorama Undercover Hospital Patients at Risk

Girls With Autism Face Three Times the Risk of Sexual Assault

Years of scandal and promises as patients suffer

Homes not hospitals

Autism: Family's four-year fight to get autistic son home

Call for papers

Meeting the trauma needs of Autistic people


Children with autism and learning difficulties face a huge struggle in getting an apprenticeship says parent who’s sent a letter to Prime Minister Liz Truss

Children with disabilities need access to work placements before age 18, Sligo conference told

Adults with learning disabilities and autism to be supported through new employment scheme


Portadown mum to host Autism Hive NI conference following sudden death of her son Luke (suicide)


BYU research highlights the importance of parent intervention for children with autism

Human gene variant in ADHD, autism exposes sex-dependence of neuronal signaling mechanisms

Understanding the spectrum of autism through DNA

Researchers Share Guidelines for Inclusive Language in Autism Research

Autistic children with imaginary friends have better social skills, just like neurotypical children


Short-term exposure to air pollution may aggravate autism symptoms

Hypnosis for the Treatment of Autism

Autism and Chronic Pain: How Can I Help My Child?

The cloudy connection between fragile X and cancer


Rosie O'Donnell Opens Up About Her Daughter with Autism in Emotional Essay: 'She's a Gift'

Spicy Autism: How It Feels To Have Autism While Latino

Heartbreak High has the best representation of autism I’ve ever seen

Biking With My Autistic Son A Personal Perspective: The dignity and reward of taking some risks.

The Governess, Anne Hegerty, on autism, quizzing and her challenges with everyday life

What these autistic people want you to call them

County Council and NHS seek views on autism language

How to grow into, not out of, autism

Law and order

Family of 13 year old Autistic boy who was shot several times speaks out

Animal friendly 

Service dogs for autistic people


Poole boy to jump out of a plane for Dogs For Autism


 How Does Sensory Integration Therapy Work?Supermarkets a 'spiderweb' of sensory experiences


Gamifying Autism Diagnosis and Treatment

See you soon!

Have a great week😀

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