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Are you an autistic person who has learning disabilities or someone who supports them?

I wrote this poster when I was at the Estia Centre, which is part the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust in 2010. We gave permission to the Royal College of Nursing to reproduce it. When I started working for Oxleas I gave myself permission to reproduce it as I own intellectual copyright.

Language that was considered appropriate ten years ago can now be seen as unpolitically correct. This is the way of the world works and we are always moving forward.

As it’s been ten years since I originally wrote it with an autistic woman who also has learning disabilities called Yolanda. She sadly passed away far before her time. I’ve attached a dedication to Yolanda, which appeared in the front of one of our books.

I want to see if we can improve the language used and is there any recent research that we could learn from? I want to hear from autistic people who have learning disabilities and those who care for and support them. I’m willing to do this over the phone, email or zoom. Please contact me on:


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