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My filter and the wonderful Occupational Therapists at Atlas House! #ChooseOT

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

My Filters

Not everyone knows about filters. I don't mean the device for removing impurities from a liquid, so that a clean and efficient liquid comes out the other end. But perhaps that's exactly what happens to you after a major stroke. The small end of the filter becomes large and starts letting through the impurities of your personality and at least from the beginning you lack any control over it. Its sort of like someone in the early stage of dementia and sees a person wearing a wig and goes up to them without saying anything, move the wig and then says 'now that's the way you do it'. But sadly with anything related to dementia, the filter becomes larger at the bottom where as with stroke it gradually gets smaller.

When my filter has got me into so many problems over the last six years but has greatly improved from two years ago. But something that I still can't control is when I have an important meeting coming up, especially one on which my future depends on. Although it is different from before because I know that I shouldn't do it, I should take control but I just cannot stop myself. I become very defensive, look for the tiniest mistake made by some people, and only pick up on the worst actions by the government, employers and people who don't follow the correct route around a supermarket or shopping mall.

Well I have one of these meetings tomorrow and my whole future is the hands of someone else. I will nearly accept anything that happens at this meeting but there is one thing that has been causing me so much (non intentional) harm. But I sincerely apologise for this little opening of my filter and nothing was intended but to achieve that one thing that I have been praying for the last two and a years. As I often ignore or let thinks pass me by but there is one ultimate argument that I will always win and will do anything for the sake of my mental health, to do the right thing and to be listened to.

Our wonderful and fabulous Occupational Therapy team at Atlas

I have honestly never ever worked with such dedicated, caring and continually positive people as these Occupational Therapist's!


Annelise who the boss of OTs at Atlas but you would never know. Although she managed the team perfectly but without ever raising her voice and doing things in partnership. She knows her stuff and enjoys teaching other in a non patronising way. The patients are always at the centre of her working universe and this shines through her.


Now Matt started work when I was having a kind of breakdown and no one introduced us to each other, so he must of thought that I was so rude but I had other things on my mind. But one day Matt did something in particular that I don't ever think I've told him what he did but his action suddenly changed my mind about a great many things and I will always thank him for it, I may tell him one day. I can't say enough of how highly proud we are of working with him and if there is anything I can do for you, just ask.


Now what do I say about Miss Branagan, so many words come to mind but this is a clean blog! Actually Rachel is a lovely woman who always speaks her mind. She is polite but always makes sure that other know her opinion and what the patient want and need. I have been out on so many successful trips with Rachhel and the #atlasadventure gang. Trips to the o2 trampoline park, getting a boat to Westminster, going to the cyclopath and so much more. But what I will always keep as a memory is when we made a curry with a patient. It says in his PBS and communication passport that he only has a maximum of 15 minute attention. It actually took us three 45 minutes to make the tastiest curry ever!


Salise is the new boss and she has the same approach to management as Annelise. But I love about Salise is her love of Harry Potter. I was so jealous when she went to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! She has a great approach to keeping activities and skill teaching during covid-19 and maintaining the safety of patients and staff. I remember us all going over to the local park playing games and having fun!

Salise in the middle


Andy is a superstar! Mainly because he has a great relationship with a patient who can be difficult to some other people. I don't think its the patient being difficult - I actually think some staff could do better at altering their communication and its something we are working on as a team.

Andy is on the lef


Our newest but most enthusiastic OT! She has made several 1 minute videos for this week but she still hasn't made the perfect video yet! Tomorrow she is bringing in an OT care pathway for me and has gave me permission to put it on twitter.

A photo of Tammy will follow tomorrow!

It #OTweek2020 go out and speak to an OT about the brilliant and life changing that they do everyday! #ChooseOT

Find out what about the campaign:

Well that's a just few words of #atlasadventure OT's!

Steve Hardy

Honorary Occupational Therapist

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